Character Design & Illustration

Price List & FAQ

The following prices are for small content creators and individuals. For business and commercial projects please email me directly with your project specifications and budget requirements.

  • Emote (non-animated) $30 or $130 for 5

    One non-animated emote with a design of your choice. You will receive 3 .png files of the appropriate sizes for

  • Emote (Animated) $80

    One animated emote. 24 Frames or less. You will receive one .gif file of your finished animated emote.

  • Avatar $60

    One non-animated avatar. You will receive one .png file of 400x400 pixels. If you require a custom size, please specify.

  • Other Graphics From $80

    I can create custom pieces of art, character designs, twitch panel headers and stream screens(BRB/starting/Ending). Prices will vary depending on the complexity of your project.

How do I request a commission?

Emailing me directly is the best way to request a commission, although I do take requests via social media platforms.

How long will my commission take?

Commissions typically take between 2-4 weeks for completion. Feel free to ask for a more accurate timeframe after you make a commission request.

How do I pay for my commission?

I will send you a PayPal invoice for the cost of your commission to an email that you provide. Once payment is received I will add you to my commission queue.

Do you take partial payments?

I require full payment of all commission requests below $200 upfront. If your commission request total is more than $200 then I will offer the opportunity to pay a half payment upfront, with the remainder due before I send the final piece.

What kind of stuff will you draw?

I am willing to draw almost any kind of object, animal, creature or person. I do not draw sexually explicit, discriminatory or otherwise offensive subjects. I reserve the right to refuse any request that I feel I would not be comfortable working on.