Before You Contact Me

Please read the information below before you request a commissions from me. This information outlines my terms and conditions as well as helpful advice to make the commission process as smooth as possible.

  • Think about how you want your art piece to look, find any relevant reference images and make sure you know what kind of art piece you want (poster, emote, social media banner, avatar etc.).
  • Make sure to check the pricing list before requesting a piece of art. I request full payment before starting your commission with exceptions made for large (over $200) orders where I can take half the payment before starting and the second half before sending your finished art. I take payment via PayPal. 
  • All prices shown are in USD.
  • The costs of commissions are based on the average time it takes me to both design and execute that particular kind of art work. This ensures that I can cover the time costs and keep creating more art.
  • I specialize in cute, simple art work, I do not do pornographic art and reserve the right to refuse any art request that I am not comfortable in producing. 
  • My art can be used on your social media platforms, but please do not resell the art I make for you, or put it on merchandise that you sell. If you want to make merchandise from my art, please specify when making a request and we can figure out commercial pricing.
  • If you like what I produce for you, please share the art with others and link back to my website. I am a one-woman team right now and trying to build my business, plus art is meant to be shared. 
  • Turnaround on art will vary based on a number of factors; number of current commissions, size and complexity of commission as well as seasonal factors such as holidays and my current full-time work schedule. I will make sure to keep you updated about the status of your commission throughout the process.  If you have a specific deadline in mind, please let me know so I can try to meet this for you.
  • I can rush your order (guaranteed 5 business day turnaround after payment confirmation) for an extra 75% of the total cost. For example: if you order 5 emotes at $20 each, your total cost will be $20 x 5 = $100 + 75% of $100 ($75) for a total of $175. I request full payment before I start a rush order commission.
  • I reserve the right to use your commissioned art on my website to help promote my services in the future. 

Extra Information

Emotes: Each emote purchase includes 3 .png files, in the required sizes for (but can be used on other websites.)

Avatars: Each avatar purchase includes 1 .png file of 500x500 pixels. I can resize this to lower dimensions if required.

Simple Character: Simple character art is defined as art of a single character with a flat colour or transparent background.

Detailed Character: Detailed character art has background elements included. 

If you have something else in mind that is not covered under the above categories, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do for you. Please be as specific in your request as possible.

Contact me via e-mail at:

Serious requests only.