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The Artist

I am Nienie, a full-time freelance artist who creates cute, simple illustrations that aim to make people smile. I have been creating art since I was teeny and enjoy being able to bring people’s ideas to life.I am currently focused on moving into the children’s book illustration space, as well as maintaining steady commissions creating graphics for small-medium content creators.I am always open to hearing about new projects and opportunities, so get in touch if you have a project you think I would be a great fit for!

The Art

Check out a sample of my illustration and character work below.


Commissions Status: Open

Below is an example of the kind of art I can create for you. If your project doesn't fit these categories but you think it would be a great fit then don't hesitate to email me, I love custom requests!

Terms & Conditions

  • Visual References help to make your commissions better. Please provide them when applicable.

  • Clearly explain your idea as best you can.

  • Commissioned art is for your use only, please dont resell or use the art on merchandise.

  • For merch art requests please let me know so that we can discuss additional costs.

  • I reserve the right to use your art on social media, my website or my portfolio.


  • I take payment via PayPal invoicing. I will require an email to send an invoice to after we discuss payment.

  • Commissions Below $150 USD: Full Payment required upfront.

  • Commissions Above $150 USD: 50% Payment required upfront. Remainder on approval of final art.

I Will Draw

  • Humanoids.

  • Animals - Regular & anthropomorphic

  • You, your pets, your family members.

  • Custom Characters.

I Wont Draw

  • NSFW Art

  • Copyrighted characters, unless you have permission.

  • Political, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive art.

  • NFT Art of any kind.


My preferred method of contact is email, but you can also find me on social media.